Friday, May 29, 2009

Somethin' Fishy

A Salt and Battery
112 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

**** (Definite Must)

Though British cuisine may not have the largest fan following, there are definitely at least a few things the Brits do know how to cook right. Principal amongst these is fish n’ chips. Having had remarkable newspaper-fulls of this delicacy in Britain about two years ago, my standards were pretty high when it came to reviewing a restaurant that swore by its fish and chippery. Nevertheless, I’d been craving some ever since my last experience and decided to give it a shot.

Within minutes of walking into the tiny shop, I was reassured by the staff’s shouting and screaming in Cockney slang (spoken by working class Londoners) that this could possibly be good. The cramped insides made it a little uncomfortable to wait in line, but I wasn’t going to back down. Unlike most other fish n’ chips experiences you might have in the city, this one gives a choice of what fish you want fried: Haddock, Pollock, Rock Salmon, Whiting, Sole, and Shrimp. Cod, which has always been the classic choice for fish n’ chips, was taken off this list recently owing to its overfished unsustainable reputation (this is just one of the several steps that have been taken by the restaurant’s management in efforts to be more sustainable). So I ordered the next best bet, Pollock (medium $ 5.50). Of course, I couldn’t resist the sides either. The chips (medium $ 3.50) were a given, but I also wanted to try the Homemade Mushy Peas ($ 3.50) and the house Curry Sauce ($ 2.00).

In a matter of few minutes, I found myself biting into the golden-crispy crust and the fish that was cooked to flaky perfection. The chips weren’t too bad either. Though the curry sauce didn’t contribute much, the mushy peas offered a pleasant contrast to the crispness of the fish and the chips. I would highly recommend that you leave all your apprehensions about British food and dive straight into A Salt and Battery. I’ve eaten here three times already and I definitely plan to make another visit soon.

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